Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Inspiring Mindfulness and Kindness

So much has been written on Mindfulness. It occurred to me that we can and should be taking it one step further within our classrooms and homes: Teach mindful kindness to our children.

From the time they are very little, children can be taught to live in the moment, and to be empathetic. Being kind should be second-nature.

Ways to teach mindfulness:

-Yoga classes at school
-Teach children to recognize that every day (not just holidays) is an opportunity to be kind. Lead by example.
-Encourage children to notice acts of charity
-Make a point of recognizing when children are empathetic

Ways to teach empathy:

-The Roots of Empathy or Seeds of Empathy program
-Utilize PREVNet
-Turn negative social situations into teachable moments
-Conflict resolution
-Make your children part of your endeavours to give back to the community (Tzedukah).

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