Friday, December 7, 2012

Ten Commandments of Interaction with Children

Thou shalt not speak to a child from across the room.

Thou shalt get down on the child’s eye-level and use child’s name.

Thou shalt accept, help identify, and validate children’s feelings.

Thou shalt teach and encourage children to use problem-solving.

Thou shalt be aware of tone of voice and speak to children respectfully, always mindful of their self-esteem.

Thou shalt ask open-ended questions to encourage thinking skills.

Thou shalt greet children warmly when they arrive, and continue to make them feel welcome and accepted throughout the day.

Thou shalt state things in a positive way; telling children what they can do, and not what they can’t do.

Thou shalt serve as a positive role-model

Thou shalt remember to use praise and positive reinforcement – including appropriate affection.

By Cathy Abraham via DLTK  &  Image 

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