Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Link Love #1

Welcome to our very first edition of Link Love! I've enjoyed (and bookmarked) countless amazing links in my years as a teacher and parent, so it's time to share them with you, and spread some love in the parenting/teaching blogosphere!

How do you feel about this controversial 'gender-neutral' children's Christmas catalogue?  I think offering children the opportunity to play with 'boy' or 'girl' toys is a great thing.

Will homeschooling help the anxious child?

There are some great ideas in the Toronto Savvy Guide To December.

The ABCs of mental health is a fantastic resource.

A really cute Christmas picture & some delicious Channukah cupcakes ....just because!

Also holiday-related: a sweet Christmas craft.

Teaching shapes is easier (and more fun) with ideas like these.

If you're a teacher, you'll definitely appreciate this.

I adore this teacher troll doll. So cute! 

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What's the best article you read this week?

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