Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Literacy: Raise a Child Who Loves to Read

Family Literacy Day was the 27th (just a couple of days ago), and literacy has been on my mind (more than usual) ever since. Created by ABC Life Literacy Canada in 1999, this annual celebration of literacy is meant to inspire families to read together and create a dialogue about the importance of being literate.

Here are some ways to celebrate literacy every day:

-Make books part of your child's everyday life. Start reading to or with your child daily. Make it a bedtime routine.

-It's up to you to be interesting and animated, to inspire children to learn. If they want to learn, they'll absorb more. If your son like animals, select books about animals. Children also respond well to puppets, rhyming books and reading aloud in different voices.

-Library cards are free, awesome and everyone in your family needs one! The ability to borrow as many books as you'd like, free of charge, opens child up to world of reading. You can even take out books and music in multiple languages! I recommend Robert Munsch books.

-Going to the library or bookstore should be as natural as going to the park.

-Music. Children learn through rhyme. Repetition, catchy music and lyrics help instill literacy in kids.

-Encourage your child's imagination through stories on flannel boards, puppetry or educational computer games.

Wonderful links about literacy:

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