Friday, January 25, 2013

Link Love 25.1.2013

10 things everyone should know how to do by 30. I agree with most of this list. How about you?

12 Creative Family Portraits.

This story of kindness is incredibly inspiring.

Jennifer recently went to the library with her daughter:
A library is where books live and it’s impossible not to feel tranquil in that quiet atmosphere. I love circling through all of the stacks and slowly thumbing through the different volumes before delving into a certain section. As silly as it sounds, somehow it makes me feel more illuminated. More relaxed. As if somehow the books are transferring their deepest secrets to me.
I relate. Do you?

Provide encouragement, support, and empowerment for parents dealing with children with special needs with these Love Notes from

Make DIY Mickey & Friends bookmarks this weekend! What a clever idea. Simply print out small pictures of your favourite Disney characters, fold them over, place a magnet on the bottom of each side, and voila!

Have a great weekend!

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