Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Risk It

A major part of my classroom technique involves music.

Music can relax a child enough to put them to sleep, energize play, and can even help a child pick up a language.

My favourite music to play at school is Ronno (and not just because my daughter grew up listening to him!).

One verse of Ronno's song, Risk It, really applies to my attitude toward teaching:

Oh sometimes you gotta risk it
Gotta step out on a limb
Hey, when your knees are knockin'
The miracles begim
Just say 'I'm scared, but I don't care. I'm gonna try, and then
Well if things don't work out this time you can simply try again

You go into class with an idea of what you're going to teach, but sometimes you have to step back and say, "they're not learning like this. What can I do differently? How can I help my class learn?".

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