Friday, March 8, 2013

How To Explain Divorce To Children

What do you tell your child(ren), when Mommy and Daddy get divorced?

Preschool children do not understand the concept of divorce. They only know that their world is different.

Regression is a common setback for preschoolers. They will oftentimes try to control their surroundings, and may experience separation anxiety.

The older child is more aware that life as they knew it, is no longer. They often blame themselves and will try to get mom and dad to get back together.

What can you do to facilitate an easier time? 

-Maintain your regular routine.
-Do not speak badly about your ex (even if you're tempted!). Your ex is still your child's parent.

-Keep a regular visitation schedule with your ex. Help your child mark out these dates on the calendar so they know that the other parent loves and misses them too. 
-If your child is old enough, ensure that she can call the other parent herself. Teach her the phone number.
-Remember it is not the quantity of time, it is the quality of time that you spend with your child.

And finally, how do you explain divorce? In terms your child understands. Use just as much detail as she needs-- no more, no less: "Mommy and Daddy can't be together any more, but we love you very much, and that will never change".

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